Who is KickStart?

KickStart is a non-profit athletic coaching company that has a mission to create a network of meaningful relationships through athletics while enriching the lives of the student-athletes we serve, both in the classroom and on the field.Education is KickStart’s underlying mission. Athletics is the avenue.


What is our Vision?

KickStart’s over-arching vision is to directly impact the lives of the student-athletes we serve through the works of the coaches we partner with and the opportunities our scholarship fund provides.

for coaches

To create a platform for top-talent personal athletic coaches where we offer support with branding, digital marketing, client recruitment, market growth, and mentorship opportunities.


For Student-Athletes

To connect student-athletes with talented coaches, create lifelong partnerships and networks for the next generation, and help to provide college educations to dedicated members of Kickstart regardless of university athletic awards.


What Role does KickStart serve?

KickStart has created a network of experienced coaches in a broad range of sports aimed at developing K-12 student-athletes and preparing them for inter-collegiate athletic opportunities.

Not only will KickStart provide student-athleteswith elite coaching at a competitive price, but a percentage of the proceeds will be dedicated to a college scholarship fund for students who demonstrate the values we look for in our clients.

Our goal with KickStart is to offer access to experienced coaches and to challenge the logic behind traditional coaching companies so that student-athletes can truly maximize the return they get out of the coaching and training we provide.

Statistically, only 3-7 percent of high-school athletes ever get the opportunity to participate in college athletics, and only a subset of those athletes get a college scholarship for their participation. KickStart likes to think of coaching and training as an investment in the future rather than a gamble.

Although we can’t offer each and every student-athlete a college scholarship, with the scholarship fund, KickStart can guarantee scholarships to some of the athletes in the program.


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Share your feedback & reviews with us.


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